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  • Laser Safety Glasses Dimensions

To encourage laser safety, we recommend these top-of-the-line laser safety glasses to help protect your eyes against red laser light. Each pair uses a polycarbonate filter for laser protection, and fits over most prescription glasses.

Item #LSG-1204


Laser Safety for Your Eyes

  • Helps protects eyes against red laser light (630-710nm)
  • Lightweight, durable polycarbonate filter
  • Can fit over most prescriptions glasses

These top-of-the-line laser safety glasses are manufactured by Laser Vision USA and include the glasses frame, protective lens, and carrying bag. The level of protection is rated at OD 3+ @ 630-690nm and OD 7+ @ 690-710nm.

Each pair includes a ightweight, durable, rubberized frame with side shields. Its larger lens size provides increased viewing while providing maximum comfort with heavier filters.

These laser safety glasses are designed to fit over most prescription glasses. Adjustable ear pieces provide additional custom fit.

IMPORTANT: Always ensure that the wavelength(s) listed on your eyewear correspond with the wavelength of the laser being used. Use of eyewear for protection against wavelength not listed on the eyewear may result in serious personal injury, including blindness.

Characteristic Specification
Optical Density Rating OD 3+ @ 630-690nm
OD 7+ @ 690-710nm
Visual Light Transmission (VLT) 45%
Frame Type Can fit over normal prescription glasses
Lens Width 62mm
Lens Height 50mm
Distance Between Lenses 17mm
Temple Length 125mm, with flexible adjustment
Frame Height 54mm
Frame Length 157mm
Frame Width 147mm
Accessories Carrying bag

Laser Safety Glasses Dimensions Laser Safety Glasses Dimensions

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