Form-A-Flo 600 Wetting Agent

  • Forma600 holography wetting agent

Make your holograms look clearer and better with this wetting solution. Reduces streaks and promotes more uniform and quicker drying.

Item #FORMA600


Make Better Looking Holograms

  • Helps make holograms cleaner and clearer
  • Promotes uniform and quicker drying
  • Reduces streaks

Form-A-Flo makes your holograms turn out cleaner and clearer. A wetting agent, this solution reduces streaks on holographic film and plates by decreasing water surface tension and by drying the hologram more quickly and uniformly.

To use Form-A-Flo, simply soak your exposed holographic film or plate into your Form-A-Flo + water solution for about 20-60 seconds right after processing your hologram with any JD Developer Kit. You only need a few to use a few drops of Form-A-Flo to see the difference.

It's an inexpensive way to get better looking holograms.

Summary: How to Use Form-A-Flo

  1. Dilute approximately 600 parts of distilled water to at least 1 part Form-A-Flo 600 concentrate. This is roughly 1 capful per liter.
  2. Process hologram with the appropriate JD Developer Kit per instructions in the kit.
  3. After the final rinse cycle prescribed by the JD Developer Kit, place the exposed hologram film or plate into the Form-A-Flo + water solution for about 20-60 seconds.
  4. Remove the hologram from the solution horizontally at a slight angle (about 20°), being mindful to avoid streaks or runs.
  5. Dry the hologram in a vertical position

For more detailed instructions on processing your holograms, refer to the instructions that come with the JD Developer Kit or check out our online tutorial.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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