LED Holography Darkroom Safelight

  • Laser Safety Glasses

This pair of LED "safelights" is safe for use with red-sensitive film and includes a convenient switch to change its color to blue or green. Work efficiently in your holography darkroom with these lights. (2-pack)



LED "Safelight" for Your Holography Darkoom

  • For use with red-sensitive film
  • LED lighting so you can see in your darkroom
  • Conveniently toggle off/blue/green
  • 2-pack

These LED lights serve as excellent, low-cost "safelights" for your holography lab, when using red-sensitive film such as our PFG-01 and PFG-03M recording materials. Just plug them into a standard USA 2-prong or 3-prong wall outlet.

Each light in this 2-pack lets you select between blue or green modes. We recommend using the green mode for best results. Since no LED is monochromatic, and thus possibly contains a very small hint of red, we recommend avoiding significantly extended direct exposure to undeveloped film. Normal exposure during a lab session is fine.

TIP: As a standard practice, regardless of the type of safelight you use, we always recommend covering unexposed film with its original light-protection packaging when not immediately in use in your lab session.

Characteristic Specification
LED Color Switch to toggle between blue or green
Dimensions 3.625" x 2.75" x 1.125" (92 x 70 x 29mm)
Operating Voltage 120V/60Hz
Power Source Plugs into 2- or 3-prong wall outlet (USA)
Compliance ETL Listed
Packaging Pair of 2 lights

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