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Hologram kit

What do I need to make holograms?

To make holograms at home or school, you need holographic film plates, hologram developer, and an appropriate laser (not all lasers work). For advanced holography, you'll need optical lenses, mirrors and an anti-vibration set up.

If it's your first time making holograms, we recommend you start with our Standard HOLOKIT or Student HOLOKIT set. In the kits, we've picked out all the essentials you need to get started, including the appropriate holographic film plates, developer, laser, and other materials.

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customized hologram sticker labels

How about holographic stickers?

At Integraf, you can get fully customized hologram sticker labels for your business at an affordable price. Just contact us to learn more or to get a quotation.

Hologram sticker labels are rendered from high-resolution digital graphics, photos, video, or a physical model. Their production requires specialized equipment and significant expertise. You can't make them using a hologram kit or holographic film plates. So, your best bet is ask our team to produce them you.

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