Doctor Is InDeep Scene Hologram

  • Doctor Is In Hologram by Integraf
  • Doctor Is In Hologram by Integraf

This transmission hologram shows a 20-foot deep 3D scene of a life-size person inside a laboratory. Its "real image" can be projected onto a screen with any laser diode. Available in 4" x 5" holographic glass plate format.

Item #H-DOC45


Deep Scene with Live Person, Projectable

This 4"x5" transmission hologram presents a deep scene of a real-life person (Dr. Tung Jeong himself!) inside a laboratory. As you look at the hologram from different angles, you will discover a sundry of items within the laboratory. You can even find a second person, the holographer manning the laser, trying to hide from the laser exposure.

Shot at Fermilab, a leading national accelertor laboratory in the USA, the hologram was made using a super powerful laser with a spread beam, shot a millionth of a second—lest Dr. Tung Jeong would have been singed by the laser light. The hologram has been discussed in the physics textbook by Resnick, Haliday, and Young, and featured in The Physics Teacher, and the journal of the American Journal of Physics, among others.

The hologram is viewable with any laser or conveniently with our Integraf diode laser, which has an adjustable lens to spread the beam. The real image can be projected on a screen or wall, while the virtual image can be viewed with an expanded laser beam.

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