Holograms for Teaching

This set of ready-made holograms is perfect for classroom demonstrations. From deep scene transmission and 360° cylindrical holograms to full-color animated and embossed rainbow holograms, teachers can use this set of holograms to show and describe the various types of holograms and their unique characteristics.

Smiling Shakespeare animated color hologram

Smiling Shakespeare

Full-color animated embossed hologram

This animated, color hologram features Sir William Shakespeare cracking a smile as your eyes move across it from left to right.

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VW Buggy Cylindrical Hologram

VW Buggy

360° Cyndrical Hologram

The unique cylindrical shape of this stunning hologram gives you a 360° view a Volkswagen buggy from all sides.

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Doctor Is In Hologram by Integraf

Doctor Is In

Deep scene transmission hologram

Projectable transmission hologram that shows a 20-foot deep 3D scene of a life-size person inside a laboratory.

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Item #H-DOC45


Telephone Magnified

Transmission Hologram

See an image of a magnifying lens in front of a telephone, and observe the lens works exactly as if it were really present.

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Item #H-PHONE810


Instant "Hologram" Maker

3D Optical Illusion

Though technically not a "hologram", the 3D optical illusion created by two parabolic mirrors in this device will wow surely you.

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Item #H-MRRR