• Standard HOLOKIT hologram kit

Make up to 30 holograms at home or school on holographic plates. Recommended for teachers and hobbyists, the kit comes with everything you need to make holograms to make six kinds of holograms.

Item #HK-STD

  • "I am stunned by the simplicity and ultimately the final quality of the images produced"

    Stuart, First-time holographer (United Kingdom)

Easiest way to make holograms at school or home.

The Standard HOLOKITTM is the most widely used hologram kit today, letting you make up to 30 holograms on holographic plates. The kit comes with all the essentials, including the same holographic recording materials used by most holographic artists and professionals today.

You can make six types of holograms from basic reflection (viewable with white light) and transmission holograms (viewable and projectable with laser) to more advanced multiple-image recordings, diffraction gratings, interferometry, and even H1/H2 holograms. The kit is designed to work out of the box with our numerous free online tutorials.

Regularly used by thousands of instructors and students in universities, high schools and secondary schools each year, the kit is complete and easy to use. There's no need for you to work with beam splitters, front surface mirrors, or vibration isolation tables (see "Simple Holography: The Easiest Way to Make Holograms").


  • Complete and easy to use
  • Make up to 30 holograms on holographic plates, 2.5"x2.5" (63x63mm)
  • Experiment with six kinds of holograms
  • Extra-fast processing time (3-5 minutes) is perfect for classroom situations
  • Designed for teachers, students and hobbyists
  • Free technical support

Everything you need to make holograms.

The Standard HOLOKITTM contains all the essentials you need to make six kinds of holograms.

  • Professional Recording Material

    Thirty (30) PFG-03M high resolution, red-sensitive holographic plates, 2.5"x2.5" (63x63mm).

  • Holography Diode Laser

    Class IIIa, 4mW, 650nm (red), highly stabilized, adjustable collimating lens.

  • JD-2 Processing Kit

    Pre-measured. Just add water. Extra-fast processing time (as little as 3 minutes).

  • PhotoFlo

    Make extra clear holograms with this wetting solution.

  • Developer Trays

    Plastic trays, reusable, 3.5"x3.5".

  • Accessories

    Battery holder, clothespin laser mount.

  • "Experiments You Can Do"

    Booklet by T. Jeong describing how to make seven different hologram types.


    Booklet by T. Jeong explaning how holograms work using basic physics.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Detailed explanations, tips, photos, etc.

  • Free Technical Support

    By phone or email.

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