Holography Projects for the Evil GeniusBy Gavin D. J. Harper (159 pages, paperback)

  • Gavin - Holography Projects for the Evil Genius

Recommended for middle and high school instructors and students, this book describes 36 holography projects you can do at home or school, including science fair ideas, complete with instructions and explanations.



Using easy-to-find components and supplies, this do-it-yourself book presents a wide variety of holography projects, including science fair ideas. You'll find detailed guidelines and parameters as well as discussions of the theory behind the practice.

The author explores the art and science of holography, complete with explanations of the techniques, materials, processes, and tools needed to create holograms at home or school.

  • Features step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations for each project
  • Allows you to customize your projects
  • Includes details on the scientific principles behind the projects

We recommend this book for middle and high school instructors and students, especially those starting off with our Integraf holography kits.

TIP: Projects described in the book were designed using our PFG-03M and PFG-01 holographic film plates, JD-4 developer kit, Form-A-Flo, and holography diode laser.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Optics
  • Chapter 2 – 3D Vision… and How it Works
  • Chapter 3 – Lasers… not just for zapping aliens.
  • Chapter 4 – History of Holography
  • Chapter 5 – Basic Theory of Holography
  • Chapter 6 – Making Your First Hologram (Basic Techniques)
  • Chapter 7 – Processing Your Holograms (Photochemistry)
  • Chapter 8 – Advanced Holography Techniques
  • Chapter 9 – Displaying Your Holograms
  • Appendix I – Constructing your holography lab
  • Appendix II – Suppliers Index

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