Shakespeare Color HologramEmbossed, full-color, animated

  • Smiling Shakespeare animated color hologram
  • Shakespeare animated color embossed hologram

This animated, full-color embossed hologram of Sir William Shakespeare cracks a smile as your eyes move across it from left to right. Viewable with white light, it comes in 3" x 4" oval sticker format.



"Smiling Shakespeare" Animated Hologram

Sir William Shakespeare cracks a smile at you as your eyes move from left to right in this amazingly well animated, vivid, color embossed hologram. The hologram can be viewed with white light, such as a spotlight, LED, or sunlight.

Considered to be one of the first and best examples of a color-tuned embossed stereogram, this hologram was created by rendering each video frame of the actor playing Shakespeare into a series of rainbow holograms. The integrated hologram was then embossed on to metalic holographic foil.

A true favorite to many, this hologram is a must-have show-and-tell item for your classroom and makes a perfect gift.

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