FAQ - Custom Hologram Sticker & Labels

Integraf focuses on creating full custom holographic stickers and labels for companies and organizations, large and small. We offer two types of custom hologram stickers:

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What are the main types of hologram stickers?

The main differences among the hologram sticker types come down to three considerations: (1) whether or not the hologram image itself is customized; (2) whether or not any ink printing process is used, and (3) what is the resulting level of holographic effect and anti-counterfeit protection each provides.

True custom hologram stickers embed elements such as your logo, text or design directly into the image using a holographic embossing method, and not an ink printing process. They provide the fullest holographic effect and best guard against counterfeiting.

Stock hologram stickers also use a holographic embossing method, but the hologram image is not customized. Instead the hologram image is generic (or "stock") and often readily available among multiple suppliers. Stock hologram stickers thus provide very little anti-countefeit protection.

Custom "imprinted" (or "overprinted") hologram stickers use an ink printing process to print on top of the embossed hologram image as a measns of customization. Since ink is used, the imprinted portion can be imitated by fraudsters. Therefore, if imprinting is to be used, it better to imprint a true custom hologram instead of a stock hologram.

Integraf specializes on true custom hologram stickers. We are also able to imprint (or overprint) your custom hologram image with ink in full color for additional differention and security. We do not use stock holograms. Everything is custom.

How much do custom hologram stickers and labels cost?

The price really depends on the size of the hologram you seek, the quantity, and the required specifications or features needed for your use case and desired level of anti-counterfeit protection. Our three pricing tiers give you a ballpark starting price. To get an better estimate, please contact our team.

Generally speaking about security hologram stickers, there are three main components to price: (1) Origination (to create the master hologram from which copies are made); (2) Production Set Up (per order); and (3) Sticker Production (per sticker).

Origination is the most involved part of the hologram process, and therefore, depending on complexity, often has the greatest impact on the price of your initial order. Origination is only needed for your initial order. Subsequent reorders from the same master hologram design do not need origination and thus cost much less.

How do I decide what holographic effects I need?

Simply email us or give us a call. Our experienced team will discuss your objectives and then help you determine what works best and within budget. In many, customers simply give us the context and idea they want (i.e. company logo on a 20x20mm sticker for product brand identity and security) and then leave the fine details to our team. To give you the perfect hologram, we'll discuss things like: how will the hologram be used (marketing vs security or both), surface on which the stickers will be adhered, lighting environments in which will they be viewed, etc.

How do I get started?

The process starts with contacting us by email or phone. Our goal is first to understand your project objectives so that we can features, optimizations, and ways for you to save costs. We then send you a quotation for your approval. If you have a logo or design in mind, please share that email it to us for an assessment.

As part of the project, Integraf create a digital proof of the hologram concept for your approval. We then make a master hologram prototype (called a shim) that displays the holographic effects as they will appear in your hologram stickers. Once the shim is approved, we produce and deliver the finalized hologram stickers.

What your lead time?

From start to finish, each project usually requires about 3.5 weeks. If the project involves complex requirements, the process can take about 4-7 weeks, depending on specifications.

Do you have a minimum order?

No. We do not require a minimum order quantity. However, due to volume discounts and some fixed production costs, the average price per sticker is significantly cheaper as order quantity increases.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We regularly ship products and holographic sticker labels to customers in over 55 countries each year.