HolographyBy Dr. Tung H. Jeong (20 pages, booklet)

  • Jeong - Holography Booklet

Using high school levels physics without the math, this booklet explains how many kinds holograms work, including holographic movies. Recommended for instructors and students.



Recommended for teachers and students, this booklet provides an overview of holography, the major types of holograms, and how they are work. Requiring only a high school level understanding of physics, the booklet is a perfect complement or pre-reading material to any lecture on holography.

Topics covered include what is a hologram, the geometric model to understanding the characteristics of holograms, materials required for making holograms, followed by discourses on the types of holograms including reflection holograms, transmission holograms, cylindrical holograms, hybrid and motion holograms, and interferometry, among others.

Topics Covered

  • What is a hologram
  • Characteristics of holograms
  • The Geometric Model
  • Interference patterns
  • Virtual image
  • Coherence length
  • Spatial coherence
  • Laser speckles
  • Materials for making holograms
  • Diffraction gratings
  • White light reflection holograms
  • Transmission holograms
  • Holographic interferometry (holometry)
  • Single-beam holography
  • Multi-beam holography
  • Cylindrical holograms
  • Hybrid holograms
  • Motion holograms

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