Laser Holography: Experiments You Can DoBy Dr. Tung H. Jeong (32 pages, booklet)

  • Jeong - Laser Holography Experiments You Can Do

This booklet provides instructions at the most elementary level on how to make seven different kinds of holograms. Suitable for beginners and teachers.



Clear and easy to understand, this booklet describes the general set up required for making each of seven kinds of holograms. Using simple diagrams and brief descriptions, the reader will gain a firm overview of how to go about making different holograms. The conceptual introductions are an invaluable complement to the detailed step-by-step tutorials found on our Integraf website.

Types of holograms covered included reflection holograms, transmission holograms, focused image holograms, cylindrical holograms, multiple image recordings, diffraction gratings, and holographic inteferometry.

Topics Covered

  • Project 1: White Light Reflection Hologram
  • Project 2: Classic Transmission Hologram
  • Project 3: Focused Image Hologram
  • Project 4: Cylindrical Hologram
  • Project 5: Diffraction Gratings
  • Project 6: Multiple Image Recording
  • Project 7: Holographic Interferometry
  • Demonstrations of Basic Theory

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