Make holograms on holographic film sheets affordably and easily. Have all the essentials you need to make making six kinds of holograms. Best suited for intermediate holographers, but okay for beginners.

Item #HK-BUD


Make holograms affordably on holographic film sheets

The Budget HOLOKITTM is an affordable option for those looking to make holograms on holographic film sheets. Like our Standard and Student HOLOKITTM kits, this budget hologram kit also provides all the essentials, except that the recording material is in film sheet format instead of glass plate format.

Ten film sheets measuring 4"x5"(102x127mm) are included in the kit. The sheets can be used as is or you can cut them to the size you need. You can make six types of holograms from basic reflection (viewable with white light) and transmission holograms (viewable and projectable with laser) to more advanced multiple-image recordings, diffraction gratings, interferometry, and even H1/H2 holograms.


  • Make holograms on holographic film sheets, 4"x5" (102x127mm)
  • You can cut the holographic sheets to the size you need
  • Experiment with six kinds of holograms
  • Free technical support
  • Free online tutorials

TIP: For first-time holographers, we recommend the Standard or Student HOLOKITTM sets instead, since holographic plates are easier to use than holographic film sheets. See our article "How to Use Holographic Film".

NOTE: The Budget HOLOKITTM cannot be used to make holographic labels, as labels involve a specialized manufacturing process. For customized holograms, check out our custom hologram sticker & label services.

What's included in your kit?

The Budget HOLOKITTM contains all the essentials you need to make six kinds of holograms on holographic film sheets.

  • Professional Recording Material

    Ten (10) PFG-01, high resolution, red-sensitive holographic film sheets, 4"x5" (102x127mm).

  • Holography Diode Laser

    Class IIIa, 4mW, highly stabilized.

  • JD-2 Processing Kit

    Pre-measured. Just add water.

  • PhotoFlo

    Make extra clear holograms.

  • Film Sheet Holder

    Two glass plates with metal clamps. (Not needed for Standard/Student kits.)

  • Accessories

    Battery holder, clothespin laser mount.

  • "Experiments You Can Do"

    Booklet by T. Jeong describing how to make seven different hologram types.


    Booklet by T. Jeong explaning how holograms work using basic physics.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Detailed explanations, tips, photos, etc.

  • Free Technical Support

    By phone or email.

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