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The 3D optical illusion created by two parabolic mirrors in this device will wow anyone. Includes instructions and explanations. Perfect for classroom discussion or as a gift.

Item #H-MRRR


This device creates a 3D image that looks 100% real, even though you can't touch it. The device consists of two parabolic mirrors that face each other. When you place an object into the center of the bottom concave mirror, the image is projected up through a circular viewing opening and appears to float in 3D space.

While the optical illusion created by the device is technically not a "hologram", it's worthy of classroom discussion. The device can help students understand the difference between real and virtual images, two important concepts shared with real "holograms" produced by lasers. It also demonstrates sensory perception versus reality.

The 3-D Mirascope device comes with the 3D illusion maker, object, and instructions. Additionally, we at Integraf have packaged the device along with our own technical explanation that describes the similarities and difference between the illusion made with this device and real "holograms" produced with laser light.

Characteristic Specification
Dimensions 7" diameter, 2.5" depth (178mm, 64mm)
Package includes Instant illusion maker
Object (miniature toy frog)
Instructions from manufacturer
Technical explanations by Integraf

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