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"Making holograms has become so easy that college and even grade-school students can

learn holography first-hand."


(Left) A white-light reflection hologram made by Tony of Brooklyn, NY, an absolute beginner of holography using Integraf's Standard HOLOKIT(TM) laser holography kit.


(Right) A transmission hologram next to its original model car,  made with materials from our Standard HOLOKIT(TM) laser holography kit.


A home-made holographic diffraction grating


About our Holography Kits . . .

  Complete Each holography kit gives you the essentials to make holograms: holography  laser, professional-grade holographic plates or film, convenient processing kit (just add water), step-by-step instructions, explanations, accessories, and more. You and your students can make basic and advanced holograms, viewable by laser or by white light.  
  Easy Our holography kits are designed so that you and your students can make holograms easily in the classroom or at home. There's no need for you to work with beam splitters, front surface mirrors, or vibration  isolation tables (see Simple Holography).  
  Affordable For as little as $99, our holography kits are the most affordable option on the market. Other kits of its kind are at least double or even triple the price when complete with laser, holographic film, and developer.  
  Fully Supported Our kits include free technical support led by Dr. Tung H. Jeong, world-renown expert in holography and education. With such support, you can feel confident you and your students will succeed in making holograms.   


Simply Choose the Holography Kit You Need . . .


We offer three HOLOKIT(TM)  laser holography kits, each of which let you make many types of holograms, from basic reflection (viewable with white light)and transmission holograms (viewable with laser) to more advanced  multiple-image recordings and interferometry. The kits also include a booklet that help you understand how holograms actually work.

All kits include the same holographic recording materials used by most leading holographic artists and professionals today, and can provide high-level consistency, luminance, and clarity.

For best results, we recommend beginners choose the Standard or Student HOLOKIT(TM) set since holographic plates are easier to use than holographic film sheets. The Standard HOLOKIT(TM) set is our most popular kit among universities and secondary schools. Click here for frequently asked questions. Click here to read customer testimonials.

(Standard HOLOKITTM set pictured)





laser holography kit



laser holography kit



laser holography kit



For educators and individuals, this kit makes 30 holograms on glass plates.

For students and individuals, this kit makes 12 holograms on glass plates.

For budget-conscious individuals, this kit makes 10 holograms on film sheets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Detailed explanations, tips, pictures, etc..


Professional Recording Material

 High resolution, red-sensitive.


Thirty (30)

PFG-03M plates

2.5"x2.5" (63x63mm)

Twelve (12)

PFG-03M plates

2.5"x2.5" (63x63mm)

Ten (10)
PFG-01 film sheets
4"x5" (102x127mm)

Holography Diode Laser

Class IIIa, 3-4mW, highly stabilized.


Chemical Processing Kit

Pre-measured. Just add water.

  JD-4 JD-4 JD-2

PhotoFlo (30ml)

Wetting agent for making better holograms.


"Experiments You Can Do"

Booklet by Dr. T. Jeong teaches you how to make seven different kinds of holograms.



Booklet by Dr. T. Jeong explains how holograms work using basic physics.


Developer Trays (3)

Approx. 3.5" x 3.5", plastic, reusable.


Film Holder

Two glass plates with metal clamps.

   Not needed Not needed


Battery holder and clothespin mount for laser.


Free Technical Support







* Recommended by Dr. Tung Jeong, JD kits are the most popular and convenient pre-packaged chemical developers used by holographers today. For schools that request the exclusion of potassium dichromate found in JD-2, we can substitute into your kit, free of charge, an alternative formula called JD-3, which uses copper sulfate instead of potassium dichromate. If you'd like to view the MSDS, please click here.



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