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Hologram Kits

for teachers and students

Make holograms easily and affordably with your students or at home. Our three choices of HOLOKIT(TM) hologram kits include our 4mW laser and other essentials for you to make many kinds of holograms.

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$99.00           Details



Laser Safety Glasses

Discounted Prices


We strongly encourage you to use laser safety glasses, especially with lasers with an output over 5mW (Class IIIb). Thus, we provide discounted prices on laser safety glasses.


Special $10 discount


With purchase of items DL-50B. So your price is $129 instead of the mfg suggested retail price of $139.




Lasers > Holography Diode Laser

We are excited to offer diode lasers for making holograms. Each laser also has an adjustable collimating lens, so there's no need to purchase separate diverging lenses, beam splitters, or mirrors to make basic holograms (see our step-by-step instructions). Optionally, traditional split-beam holography is also possible with our lasers.

Our diode lasers have been tested to ensure they meet the critical specifications required for holographic recording, including single-mode stabilized output frequency, coherence length (30cm or more), polarization, and wavelength. Each laser includes a battery holder for two D-size batteries, and does not require any other power supply or controller.

WARNINGóLaser light is a recognized eye hazard. Do not underestimate the hazards of any diode laser, despite their small physical size. Never look directly into any laser beam or its reflection.





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Holography Diode Laser

650nm (red), 4mW*

Class IIIa laser with battery holder and adjustable lens


This holography diode laser is among our most popular items used by teachers, students, and hobbyists. A Class IIIa, it has an output comparable to common laser pointers, and is appropriate for making holograms up to 4"x5" (102x127mm) in size. Details





*Actual output (mW) for each laser may vary and is typically 15-25% lower than the manufacturer disclosed level due to differences in power source, recommended use, and other factors.