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Each year, Integraf serves several hundred universities, trade schools, and secondary schools from over 45 countries. A large number of the schools use our holography supplies and our complimentary technical services to design curriculae to match their classroom and  budgetary needs.

We regularly accept purchase orders via fax or mail. Orders can also be placed using our secure online form. For economic reasons, teachers trying out holography for the first time generally start out with our Standard HOLOKIT ($159), which provides the essentials you need. One kit is sufficient for teaching approximately 10 to 12 students. Additional materials (film, developer, extra laser, etc.) added optionally to increase the workflow within a classroom of many students. Feel free to contact us for suggestions or recommendations.

On Teaching Holography

Holography is quickly becoming a favorite subject to teach in secondary and high schools, colleges, and trade schools. Some reasons for this include the fact that holography:

  • Introduces students to all major topics of modern optics: light propagation, interference, diffraction, polarization, scattering, and photochemistry.

  • Is a Nobel prize winning discovery itself, and involves several other Nobel ideas, including those of Bragg, Lippman, and Michelson.

  • Has real-world applications, from its use on credit cards, passports, sunglasses, and art to grocery check-out counter devices, fighter pilot heads-up displays, industrial testing applications, and medical devices.

  • May revolutionize computer and communications technology. New holographic data storage will make it possible to carry more than 1,000 GB on a single CD disk format versus the 640MB that today's standard CD-R and CD-RW disks provide.

  • Is fun and actually quite easy to teach and learn!

  • Can be taught to an entire classroom economically (under $200).

Dr. Jeong, a recipient of the Robert Millikan Medal from the American Association of Physics Teachers for his work in holography, would enjoy "talking shop" with you. We invite you to send your email inquiries to Dr. Tung H. Jeong at


We Seek Your Insight

We're now collecting suggestions from teachers like you as we develop this web page. We'd love to hear from you because we want to provide only the very best content for you.

  • What do hope to find in this website?
  • What key questions about holography do you have as a teacher?
  • Have you taught holography before? What was your best/worst experience?
  • Do you have students who can share their experiences with us?
  • Other suggestions?

Here's what we're thinking of including (please feel free to comment):

  • Lectures and lesson plans for teaching holography
  • Practical guide to fitting holography into your current physics course
  • Articles from experts and "from the field" on holography
  • FAQ forum dedicated to teaching holography

Thank you for you interest in teaching holography.