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Laser Safety Glasses

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To encourage laser safety, we offer top-of-the-line laser safety glasses from Laser Vision USA (formerly Trinity Technologies) at prices below the manufacturer suggested price. Each pair of laser safety glasses comes with a lightweight polycarbonate filter for laser protection, and fits over normal prescription glasses.

Available in two sizes.

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Laser Safety Glasses 1204

(protect against RED laser)


OD 3+ @ 630-690nm
OD 6+ @ 690-710nm






Laser safety products are specifically matched to the corresponding laser wavelength, optical density and damage threshold requirements. We provide laser safety glasses that are matched for certain red lasers (model 1204) and certain green lasers (model 1203).

WARNING: Always ensure that the wavelength(s) listed on your eyewear correspond with the wavelength(s) of the laser being used. Use of eyewear for protection against wavelength(s) not listed on the eyewear may result in serious personal injury, including blindness. If you need help in selecting the appropriate laser safety glasses, please contact us.

* Laser safety glasses provided by Integraf are manufactured by Laser Vision USA (formerly Trinity Technologies) and include the glasses frame, protective lens, and carrying bag. The Integraf 1204 and 1203 lens model numbers correspond to Laser Vision's new model numbers .00320 and .00300, respectively.