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Form-A-Flo 600

wetting solution

(also known as photoflo)

Help make your holograms turn out cleaner and clearer with this wetting solution. Processes up to sixty 2.5"x2.5" plates.

Reduces streaks and promotes more uniform and quicker drying.

$6.00   30mL bottle

Item#: FORMA600



Hologram Developers

Avoid the hassle and expense of mixing your own chemicals. Recommended by Dr. Tung Jeong, the JD processing kits are the most widely used pre-packaged developer and bleach solution used by holographers today. Each kit includes all the chemicals and step-by-step instructions for processing holograms. Just add water, and be done processing your hologram in as little as three minutes. Each kit processes up to thirty 2.5" x 2.5" plates, twelve 4"x5" plates, or twenty sheets of 4" x 5" film.
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Processing Kit


Use with PFG-01 and VRP-M emulsions. Appropriate for high school and university classrooms (contains potassium dichromate).




JD3 JD-3

Processing Kit

Use with PFG-01 emulsions. Appropriate for middle school classrooms (contains copper sulfate instead of potassium dichromate).




JD4 JD-4

Processing Kit

Use with PFG-03M and BB-640 emulsions. Appropriate for middle schools to university classrooms (contains copper sulfate instead of potassium dichromate).







Step-by-step Instructions